LNL Sponsors Annual Habitat Ohio Event

LNL took a substantial step forward this fall in the expansion of its relationship with Habitat for Humanity all over the state of Ohio. LNL is looking to leverage its depth and expertise to the benefit of all 55 Ohio Habitat Chapters and the communities they serve.

Brett Renzenbrink, Managing Attorney of LNL’s Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky office, presented at Habitat’s annual conference about the firm’s strategic partnership with Habitat and the importance of leveraging relationships with key allies.

“I’ve been working with Habitat in Greater Cincinnati as general counsel for almost two years and it has been one of the most fulfilling professional relationships that I’ve had as an attorney.” Renzenbrink said. “There is absolutely no reason why the LNL team cannot apply the same principles and philosophies to its expanded partnership with Habitat state-wide. Habitat identified shared services as a point of emphasis as the organization grows and becomes more efficient. LNL is excited to be a part of its mission.”

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity are non-profits that typically do not have the financial resources to retain an entire firm of LNL’s caliber. Very often they are relegated to the services of firms with a fraction of LNL’s expertise and resources. “That’s what makes the LNL team different.” Renzenbrink said of his firm. “We don’t invest in relationships like this because we have to – we choose to because it keeps us grounded in the foundational principles that guide us as attorneys: protecting the best interest of the communities we serve.”

Brett practices in the firm’s Business, Banking, and Litigation departments and manages LNL’s rapidly growing Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky practice. For more information, please contact Brett Renzenbrink at brenzenbrink@LNLattorneys.com

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