Luper Neidenthal & Logan Shareholder, Christian Donovan, played a pivotal role in reaching the confirmation of a Chapter 11 Plan on November 23, 2016, while representing a creditor in the bankruptcy case of Columbus Blue Jackets player, Jack Johnson. Christian’s efforts led to the Plan confirmation through the creation of a settling class of lenders, and involved much negotiation between the lenders and Mr. Johnson. The end result was the culmination of much effort over the course of two years of a very contentious bankruptcy case.

Mr. Johnson sought to convert the case to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding. Mr. Johnson’s efforts were unsuccessful due to the opposition by Christian and other creditor counsel in the case. Had Mr. Johnson been successful in the requested conversion, Mr. Johnson would have been able to avoid having to pay millions of dollars of his earnings to the creditors of his bankruptcy estate. As part of the settlement incorporated into the Chapter 11 Plan, Christian secured a $750,000 settlement for a creditor he represented in the case.

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