At LUPER NEIDENTHAL & LOGAN, we represent owners, developers, construction lenders, construction managers, subcontractors, vendors, architects, and engineers in connection with contracts, lien filings, discharges, and resolution of construction disputes. Our attorneys’ experience with the construction industry includes:

  • Preparation, negotiation and interpretation of construction contracts, including knowledge of the forms prepared by AIA, EJC, AGC, EJCDC, and CMAA
  • Advice and counsel regarding delay and disruption claims, change order requests, extra work claims, extended term claims, acceleration claims, lost labor, and calculating extended project costs and unallocated home-office overhead to help our clients recover losses on a delayed project
  • Prosecution and defense of disputes in arbitration and litigation, from simple payment claims to complex multi-party disputes, including commercial impracticability, differing site conditions, professional negligence, structural failures, nonconforming work, mechanic’s liens, performance guarantees, liquidated damages, and various types of warranty claims
  • Business services, including entity formation, mergers and acquisitions of construction companies and related businesses, real estate transactions, employment, financing, mergers and other matters
  • Bankruptcy and workout representation of construction companies as creditors, debtors, individual shareholders and/or officers, and prospective purchasers of distressed businesses or their assets