Established in 1970, our collection department uses a highly-focused, aggressive approach to assure client satisfaction. Our collection department is fully automated through a PC-based local area network, supporting all aspects of collection practices and litigation including the calendaring of demand letters and pleadings, and the documentation of correspondence and activity on every account. This system enables us to provide immediate acknowledgment of claims and timely, substantive reports on every claim. We also offer flexibility in tailoring remittances and reporting services to meet our clients’ individual needs. It is our standard practice to remit on every payment immediately upon availability of funds. We are committed to–and pride ourselves on–prompt remittance.

Our commercial Collection Group is supported by several seasoned and highly motivated paralegals and clerks. We believe this depth of experience, along with the department’s automation allows us to be uniquely efficient and expeditious in the management of a high-volume case load.

Many good commercial collection attorneys’ practices are limited to collection of claims. However, our firm has the added dimension of being a full-service civil law firm with real estate, business and tax lawyers, and an aggressive and experienced litigation group who can be called upon for support in all aspects of commercial litigation. With a nationally recognized bankruptcy practice, we are also fully committed and staffed to litigate aggressively contested matters in bankruptcy. We have litigated objections to claims, exemptions, preferences, fraudulent transfers, lien avoidance, sales free and clear, and relief from automatic stay.

We offer comprehensive credit management services to corporate clients in many areas including:

  • Credit Policies
  • Records Management
  • In-house Collection Procedures
  • Evaluation of accounts receivable portfolios