Subrogation & Loss Recovery

At LUPER NEIDENTHAL & LOGAN, we have a unit completely dedicated to subrogation recoveries. Subrogation arises most commonly when an insurer or benefit plan pays the medical bills of an injured party, and then by contract, retains the right to pursue the negligent party for payment of those bills. These recoveries are pursued on behalf of numerous types of clients, such as health insurance carriers, property and casualty insurers, self-funded employee benefit plans and Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

In Ohio, the subrogated party actually becomes the real party in interest to those paid bills. Our Subrogation Department is dedicated to maximizing recoveries for our clients through claims identification, presentation, pursuit, and litigation if necessary. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to receive electronic claims information automatically from our customers, with web-based technology available for interaction and reporting. Our software filters identify thousands of potential claims for individual professional review, in addition to claims coded as accidents.

We can also work in conjunction with our clients’ internal departments, pursuing only those recoveries previously identified in-house. We are also available to present and protect subrogation interests in court if the subrogated carrier is named as a party in litigation.

Our subrogation team provides services that include questionnaires to subscribers/insured, claims identification, claims evaluation, in-house skip tracing and asset checks and credit reports just to name a few. We are fully automated as well as experienced with HCFA forms and ICD9 and/or CPT code analysis.

Our subrogation team works hand-in-hand with our Commercial Collections Department to increase recovery possibilities consistent with the wishes of our customers. Our Litigation Department supports our recovery efforts, with our firm representing in all state and federal courts in Ohio and coordinating recovery efforts nationwide with Commercial Law League, Meritas and National Association of Subrogation Professionals.