Many loans are secured by real estate and as the debt burden throughout the country grows, more borrowers are now defaulting on their loan payments. Lenders have little choice but to proceed with a foreclosure action where it seeks a judgment on the promissory note and a judicial sale of the real estate encumbered by the lender’s mortgage.

LUPER NEIDENTHAL & LOGAN represents some of the nation’s largest lenders and loan servicers in these foreclosure actions. We represent our clients in all 88 Ohio counties, and all Federal Courts. Each county seems to have its own procedures for handling and completing foreclosure actions. Our firm understands the nuances of the individual county courts, with a local presence in the high volume counties with specific local rules, such as Cuyahoga and Hamilton.

It is not unusual for borrowers, when facing foreclosure actions, to seek protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code. The bankruptcy filing requires that efforts by creditors cease until further order of the Bankruptcy Court. We represent our clients’ interests in Ohio’s Bankruptcy Courts, as we seek to get relief from the bankruptcy stay and the Trustee’s abandonment of the real estate. Our goal is to minimize the delay in the foreclosure action as much as possible. Our regional bankruptcy reputation and experience are recognized by many customers.

In order to manage this state-wide foreclosure practice, our firm has developed state of the art computer technology. This system allows us to keep all these cases progressing efficiently. Our system also allows our clients to have web-based access to our system so that our clients can directly monitor the progress of their particular cases.