If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Central Ohio, you need Luper Neidenthal & Logan on your side. We believe that everyone—no matter what they’ve been charged with—is entitled to the best defense possible. Although it may often feel as though the justice system is against you, that is what we are here for. The government must prove its case “beyond a reasonable doubt,” and we will hold them to that burden. We will investigate the law and facts relevant to your case to develop the most effective strategy to protect your rights and ensure your case is resolved in the most just manner possible. We handle all criminal matters, ranging from minor traffic violations to serious felonies.

Remember, if you have been charged with a crime, the criminal justice system moves very quickly, so it is important to consult a lawyer promptly to protect your rights. If you, a loved one, or your business or other organization has been charged with a crime, please contact our attorneys today so we can get started on your defense. We also represent victims of crime who desire assistance navigating the court system or who may have a civil claim arising out of a criminal matter.