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LNL is a member of Meritas, one of the world’s largest and most respected legal resources – an integrated, non-profit alliance of 184 independent commercial law firms, including approximately 7,920 respected attorneys, located in 90 countries. Luper Neidenthal & Logan is Central Ohio’s only Meritas affiliate, with the other Ohio affiliates being located in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton.

Our affiliation with Meritas gives us a global perspective and grants our attorneys and our clients access to a network of outstanding law firms in practically every significant legal market in the United States and globally. Through Meritas, Luper Neidenthal & Logan offers the benefit of a virtual presence in major business centers worldwide without the costs associated with branch office operations.

Membership in Meritas is by invitation only and each member firm is held accountable to rigorous membership requirements and service standards. In order to maintain their membership, firms must:

  • Adhere to a specific set of service standards, such as responding to all client communications within 24 hours
  • Demonstrate a record of consistent client satisfaction
  • Comply with a stringent code of ethics that often exceeds local professional guidelines
  • Provide clients with Alternative Dispute Resolution options when appropriate
  • Undergo a recertification process that requires the firm to be AV-rated in Martindale Hubbell, have a conflict avoidance procedure in place, maintain a full service practice mix, carry professional liability coverage, maintain a docket control system and meet Continuing Education requirements.

Unlike many legal groups with less stringent requirements, Meritas takes pride in asking firms to leave who cannot maintain these standards. This allows clients using Meritas member firms the comfort of knowing their legal work will be handled reliably and consistently around the world. A recent article explains how more and more corporate in-house counsel are turning to Meritas because of Meritas’ firms personal service, geographic reach, quality control, and cost savings of $150 to $200 per hour less than megafirms charge.

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