Jury trials are the principal method by which we resolve legal disputes parties cannot settle themselves through less formal methods.   Although alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, mediation, summary trials, private trials, and the like are becoming increasingly important, jury trials in the federal and state courts remain the most important dispute-resolving method in the United States.

The tools the litigants have, and must understand, are fourfold:  substantive law, procedural law, evidence law, and persuasion “law”.  The first three, being principally legal, can be learned in a few years.  The last, the psychology of persuasion, is what fascinates true trial lawyers, and they spend a lifetime learning about, and learning how to apply, psychology in the courtroom.

Linked below are news articles regarding two of our more memorable trial experiences.  We hope you find them as interesting now as we did then when we were trying them!

LNL’s straight-talking, aggressive and proven-effective trial lawyers remain available to assist individuals, attorneys and law firms with their litigation or trial needs, including last-minute challenges.  We deliver large-firm experience and results at small-firm pricing.

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