Client Testimonials

Fred Luper and Christian Donovan:

We have had a working relationship with Luper Neidenthal & Logan for the past four years. Over this time, I have personally worked with Fred and Christian. I appreciated the relationship of both. As we worked through our various cases together (each handled different accounts for us), it was evident they were not simply going through the motions as I sometimes see. They were strategic in their thinking, timely in all their actions, and held parties accountable which produced the results that we were striving to attain. Their efforts, expectations, and emotions throughout the process mirrored those of an owner; which gave me a real comfort level in all we did together.

As a banker, I typically hope to never call a lawyer However when one is needed in the Ohio area, I would not choose any other firm due to my experiences with Luper Neidenthal & Logan.

D. Shay Pendygraft, CPA
Commercial Lending Group

“Fred: I will send a formal note at a later time to the firm’s shareholders, but I wanted to immediately let you know how pleased I, and Lafayette Industries, are that we were represented by Luper Neidenthal & Logan, specifically by Melissa Izenson and Greg Melick. They did a wonderful job for us in difficult circumstances; maximized the use of our legal fees by their efficiency, expertise, and effectiveness; protected our reputation and our mission; and delivered a satisfactory result in the halls of Justice. I also want to thank Tara Towers, Molly Lane, and the great support staff at your firm. As with any non-profit organization, most—if not all—of your resources, both financial and human energy, are dedicated to fulfilling the organization’s mission. Our mission happens to be providing employment for adults with developmental disabilities in order to improve the Quality and Dignity of their lives so that they too can have the satisfaction at the end of the day of “a job well done”. When a challenge is thrown in your path, especially a legal challenge, you need to trust your fragile resources to someone who will not only understand your mission, but who understands and believes in you, working hard, effectively and with passion to gain the desired results. I was privileged to receive this from Luper Neidenthal, & Logan. I would overwhelmingly not only recommend, but encourage, non-profit organizations to utilize Luper Neidenthal, & Logan for their legal needs. Thank you again, and I’m sure our paths will cross again. Best regards,”

Rob Libera, Executive Director, Lafayette Industries

“I have had a 20+ year relationship with the Luper firm, and have always been very satisfied with the responsiveness, attention to detail, expert advice, and value proposition (billing has always been fair, focus on trying to do best job for client while being cognizant of cost, never felt like being nickled and dimed on bills for short phone calls or other minor issues) that the firm has always offered. As to my specific experience with you Greg, though litigation matters are never fun, I found working with you very easy and even pleasant. You were very good at keeping me up to date on the legal matters at hand, kept the process moving, explained options very well, were very good at strategizing, and provided excellent guidance throughout. Also, felt you always kept the end client’s best interest as the primary concern at all times, and were always after the best cost effective solution, keeping our wishes and constraints in mind. Overall, I would rate my interactions with the firm an A++.”

William K. Burton, CFP, President, Capital Investors Advisory Corporation

Dear Miss Taylor,

Thank you again for making every visit to your firm such a special one. From the moment I walk in, you make me feel so special and welcome. It is such a pleasure seeing you, working with you, and talking to you. Your spirit is infectious. You just light up the room. Thank you again for all that you do!

Name withheld

“Just couldn’t let today end without sending…a note saying what a great attorney Fred Luper is!!…Even when I and the client thought there was no hope [for our claim], Mr. Luper NEVER let…the client down. We were represented with integrity and professionalism….I just wish all attorneys could take a lesson from Mr. Luper and his firm.”

Katie Sartin, NACM Southwest

“Dear Mr. Luper, As things have settled down over the past 9 months and since the time of our settlement with (names redacted). I’ve had some time to reflect on the past several years. There were a number of advisors and important “voices” which were extremely helpful in our 2 year journey. Your input was particularly valuable. Thanks so much. I hope to work with you in the future on a more upbeat matter.”

Name withheld

“Jeff, it has always been a pleasure to deal with you and your firm. Your service has always been professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Your fees are reasonable and fair. Your knowledge of construction law and ability to fully protect our rights, along with diligent prosecution is something we rely on. Your efforts have lead to many successful resolutions and our highest confidence in you and your firm.”

Bernie Cowan, NCS

“I researched several law firms and interviewed attorneys with estate planning expertise. In the end, I chose to work with Roger Whitaker of Luper, Neidenthal & Logan. Besides them having an excellent reputation I needed to feel comfortable with an attorney entrusted with my personal estate plan.
From start to finish Roger did an outstanding job meeting every expectation. He listened, absorbed and then efficiently produced a document that I am totally confident with. Throughout the process, he was accessible, responsive and genuinely caring to my needs. The true test is: would I use his services again? Absolutely.”

Alex Antonio, Director of Marketing & Sponsorships,
Wisconsin State Golf Association

“[Melissa Izenson was] so prompt all the time to respond to me and I appreciate it SO MUCH. I . . . feel the quality of your services to me were outstanding and there isn’t a thing I could tell you to do differently. . . . I certainly hope nothing else EVER comes up from this again. . . . But, I have the comfort of knowing that if it did, I know exactly who I want to help me. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who might need your services.”

Michelle R. Blackledge, business owner, Carolina Beach, North Carolina

“Luper Neidenthal & Logan and Greg Melick were a great help to us when we needed legal counsel. Greg’s cool head and well thought out suggestions helped solve our issue in a cost-effective way. I highly recommend their services.”

Maynard “Kim” Knapp, CasaTunes

“Heather Melick represented me in the Summer of 2009 and a did a terrific job with my case. She carefully explained to me the potential outcomes and the cost and benefits of potentially going in front of a jury. In the end I was very pleased with the outcome with one charged dropped to a misdemeanor and other charges dropped. She did a great job through the entire process of keeping me informed and keeping the case moving forward towards resolution.”

E-mail from satisfied client to Heather Melick

“[Melissa Izenson and Fred Luper performed] post judgment collection work [that] was very difficult due to some very complicated issues. Both Melissa Izenson and Fred Luper were very valuable and helpful. I feel that their knowledge of the underlying legal issues along with their various contacts saved us not only time and money but possible failure in our efforts. They have shown to be hands-on attorneys and very accessible. I feel that our recovery efforts will be successful and I have been very satisfied in their work for the bank.”

Wayne Powers, Vice President, McKenzie Banking Company

“There are a few things that I would like to say to you. So for starters here goes. Thank you for being you! In a lifetime one finds few people whom he can depend. In my time of need you were there. Giving 110% all of the time, not just when called upon. During our legal ordeal, I was never made to feel that our case was in second place.”

Letter from satisfied client to Fred Luper

“I will contact you if and when we have any collection matters. We were thrilled with your work on our behalf. Quite honestly, I did not expect to receive half of the money.”

Jeffrey D. Meyer, Esq., Hummel Title Agency

“Greg [Melick], you are prompt, professional, do a thorough job in asking a client questions in order to gather as much information as possible to offer the best advise, you work to position your client for the future, you explain the possibilities of both sides of the fence well.”

Robert L. Hager, President, Miller’s Textile Service

“[We wanted to thank you] for all your caring support, advice and assistance in making the right decisions [in our son’s case]. From the eloquence displayed in the courtroom to the straightforward words of wisdom, the genuine interest and concern at the office, you’ve helped us through one of the most difficult times of our lives.”

Letter from client to Fred Luper and Roger Whitaker

“Dear Fred, Take a bow! Your firm has been recognized for exemplary service by NACM-Southwest of Irving, TX. This valued customer expressed their gratitude for the outstanding job you did for them recently. GENERAL BAR acknowledges your accomplishments and encourages you to continue on the road to excellence. You and your staff have earned our respect and deserve a round of applause. Keep up the good work!”

Helen A. McCasson, Client Services Manager, General Bar, Inc.

“Mr. Luper remains a very valuable member of the panel of Chapter 7 trustees. He is very knowledgeable about U.S. Trustee procedures and bankruptcy law, and is often called upon to handle cases that require litigation and expertise.”

Chapter 7 Trustee Evaluation, January 11, 2010

“Trustee Luper has been observed in court as Trustee and counsel for the Trustee on various matters. [H]is presentation is always professional and respectful. He is well versed in the law and facts of the case.”

Trustee Evaluation, January 11, 2010

“Dear Fred [Luper]: Thank you very much for your service as mediator…I realize that this required quite a commitment of time on your part, and I sincerely appreciate your effort. I hope you were very gratified by the success you achieved.”

Letter from C. Kathryn Preston, United States Bankruptcy Judge, Southern District of Ohio, to Fred Luper, dated December 14, 2009

“Thank you will never be enough to show the appreciation for your extreme efforts on our behalf … Luckily we had your firm on our side to help us through what seemed impossible…Your sincerity and honesty on our behalf will always be in our memories.”

Yvonne and Kevin Spayd

Thank you (Greg Melick and Christian Donovan) for settling this lawsuit quickly and advantageously.  Although we would have loved to have seen you in action (at trial), we are nevertheless glad that we did not have the opportunity.  We are very satisfied with your representation of our interests in this matter, and won’t hesitate to enlist your services again if necessary

Al Lankford, President
Spinnaker Corporation