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Brett Renzenbrink Named to Board of Directors of Meritas, a Global Alliance of Independent Business Law Firms

CINCINNATI, OHIO – February 12, 2018 – Luper Neidenthal & Logan, an Ohio-based law firm, announced today that one its shareholders, Brett Renzenbrink, has been named to the Global Young Lawyer Board of Directors of Meritas, an inter-continental alliance of independent business law firms. The Young Lawyer Board boasts 13 members from all over the […]

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Halloween: The “Ghosts” of Jury Trials Past

Jury trials are the principal method by which we resolve legal disputes parties cannot settle themselves through less formal methods.   Although alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, mediation, summary trials, private trials, and the like are becoming increasingly important, jury trials in the federal and state courts remain the most important dispute-resolving method in […]

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Business Owners: Be Careful of Continuing Personal Guarantees

ALERT: Sit down with your business clients and immediately inventory any unrevoked personal guarantees that may be lingering out there . . . Generally, in Ohio, a personal guarantor of business debt is liable on a continuing guaranty unless he or she revokes the guaranty agreement in the mode specifically anticipated by the agreement. Importantly, […]

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